Mrs. Nasim Rafique


It is with great pleasure and pride that I pen the following message in conjunction with the launching of another new chapter in the illustrious journey of Shalamar College of Nursing. Since its advent, Nursing, as a profession, has always been regarded as noble in not only its mission and practices but also in instilling in its practitioners a great sense of duty and commitment to their fellow human beings.  At Shalamar, we have amply demonstrated our readiness and willingness to bring out the best in the students who have passed through our gates. 
Over the last ten years, Shalamar Nursing College has registered a phenomenal   improvement   in the quality of students admitted to pursue our nursing courses, both at diploma and degree levels. At the same time we have also made great strides in not only upgrading and increasing the facilities to enhance nursing education, but we have at the same time left no stone unturned in our efforts to  revise our curricula and the relevant course content from time to time  to keep abreast with the developments in nursing education and practice.  No endeavor in the field of education is complete if due attention   is not paid to the quality of our lecturers and instructors. In this regard it must be acknowledged that Shalamar Nursing College playing an immense role and efforts to attract and retain the best possible brains to help   the college reach new heights. This effort will continue.  In the light of these achievements,   our efforts to achieve world class standards in nursing education and nursing care will no longer remain an elusive dream.
It is noteworthy that   efforts to integrate and incorporate the latest trends in education and research in the field is not only of ground breaking significance, but is also laudable because it holds immense potential for the future.  In fact it is quite true to say that   research together with the integration of theory and technology will be the trend in the future.  Let us therefore   pool our resources together to realize this goal.

                    Since I have been a nurse, a nursing educator and a nursing administrator myself, I am keenly aware of the crucial role nursing plays in healthcare and national wellbeing.  Moreover, I am confident that my vast experience  in this field will certainly be of great assistance in helping me to identify the aspects of nursing education at Shamalar which need to be addressed and the methods of doing so. Last but not least, it is my humble prayer and fervent hope that Shamalar will continue to climb the ladder of success in the years to come.  I would be pleased to welcome you to Shalamar Nursing College, We would be delighted to involve the students in education to foster their values.